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The left side of the image is the present Gaja Laxmi Temple which is destroyed by Kala Pahada, very near Chilika lake was flowing at that time, fisher man were always target a hill which is named Hatia Pahaad for returning there home, after down from their boat they first worship Maa Gaja Laxmi. Maa Ugra Tara temple is near about 1 km from this place. Kala Pahada when enter Orissa to destroy this temple, they thought Laxmi Temple is the real Ugra Tara Temple, so they destroy completely, Idol is already taken by some local priest. as per image there is one well found in front of present temple, still now also some evidence as stone recovering.

There is real no history about when & how Ugra Tara deities is placed. Maa is placed at Mulijhara Garda, where one water fountain is always flowing. mean time of attack Kala Pahad they loot Tara Temple too & kill local Samantara king too. after long long year this place was untouched & plants grown fully.

at Maa cocks sacrifice thing is still continue, story behind of that near Kandha Nayagarh is there, local king of that place always offer cocks & other bird at Maa, after long worshiping Puri Gajapati King acknowledge about this place, he send some of priests & solders from Virabhadrapur Village (near Puri) to serve Maa Ugra Tara. he gave land & home to stay now this village is named Gopinathpur. this place was fully packed with jungle at that time.

Origin of Tara Devi

The oral tradition gives an intriguing origin to the goddess Tara. The legend begins with the churning of the ocean between the Devas and Asuras. Lord Shiva drank the poison (Halahala) that was created from the churning of the ocean (in the process turning his throat blue and earning him the epithet Nilakantha), thus saving the world from destruction, but fell unconscious under its powerful effect. Tara Ma appeared and took Shiva on her lap. She suckled him, the milk from her breasts counteracting the poison, and he recovered. This story is reminiscent of the one in which Shiva stops the rampaging Kali by becoming an infant. Seeing the child, Kali's maternal instinct comes to the fore, and she becomes quiet and nurses the infant Shiva. In both cases, Shiva assumes the position of an infant vis--vis the Goddess.

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